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This blog is my personal writings. Some of them start here and end up here. Some start on my business website – capwebsolutions.com – and then get reposted here, some started on the website for the special interest group focusing on WordPress over at wpsig.pacsnet.org. That’s technology group I’ve been working with since 2014.

In general, you will find periodic ramblings of a downsized / right-sized IT worker looking to make sense of things, while at the same time trying to stay sane, keep his family together, have a sense of contribution, help others and occasionally laugh at himself. All that stuff PLUS trying to make a go at it outside of the corporate world. The 55+ “65 and over” community has a lot to offer. Not trying to prove anything, mind you, just saying.

Currently live in Sadsbury Township, Chester County, Pa. – a really nice place – with my wife. Empty nesters.

Right now, I’m most focused on my business: Cap Web Solutions.  It brings me happiness and constant challenge, but more importantly, my wife says that it makes me smile more. And who isn’t up for that?

All the best,

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Matt Ryan

The obligatory bio stuff…

I started out in the software industry over 30 years ago working for a defense contractor in Maryland. Building both software support systems and real-time equipment simulation applications I moved into the area of computer networking. I built and managed one of the first ethernet over twisted pair networks in  the area and later merged that network with the voice communications system.

I later moved onto network project management and inter-facility communications at Shared Medical Systems in Malvern, PA and then to operational management for a consulting company in King of Prussia, PA.

My stint as the owner of a shipping franchise, along with my wife Carol, hooked me on entrepreneurship. While the business did not  go as well as we had hoped, I knew someday I would get back to the role of a business owner.

While working as a network project manager and then as a channel manager for a small software development company, I began to develop and maintain websites as a hobby. I created and maintained the partner portal for the software company in Annapolis, MD and served as webmaster and social media coordinator for a local church website in Downingtown.

After finding myself on the wrong side of two business “re-alignments” in less than 2 years, the call of the website development world was too strong to resist. Now was the time to get back to my own thing. I decided to give myself fully over to the grip of WordPress, WP site administration, PHP & CSS, and the MySQL world.