Matt Ryan selfie in home office

What I’m doing now

Last Updated: 2024.02.21

trea turner at 2nd base

About to head off to sunny Florida for our niece’s wedding in Clearwater. We will make an extended weekend of it and catch a Phillies spring training game. First timer at that.

Work / Play

What I’m working on right now:

  • Penncat Corporation –  Rebuilding this old website with a fresh new design based on Kadence Pro. Working with a partner, Dobson Web Design, who is managing most of the design, with considerable input from the client. It’s a good project with us providing copywriting and a new logo design. 


  • Walking a couple of times a week 1 – 2 miles

Mind & Spirit

  • Meditate 10 minutes daily with Calm 
  • Always Be Reading, currently:
    • Profit First by Mike Michalowicz (2nd time around)
    • Sacred Earth Sacred Soul by John Philip Newell

Availability, et al

  • I am always open to talking about new projects. I am fairly booked right now with 2 new website development projects in progress. One is launching mid-March and the other in late April.
  • I do like to get out of the office now and then to meet someone face to face. I like to meet for breakfast. Really like to meet for breakfast, but if you are not an early person, we can do a late lunch meeting. Set something up on my Calendly.