Hey, can we chat on Zoom real quick?

Hmmm? Why is our enginerring director asking me to chat with him on Zoom right in the middle of my team’s daily standup? I’m talking about a problem right now I need help with. I can’t drop off the call, yet.

Hmmm. William just dropped off the daily team call. Dropped a note in chat saying he had to talk to the engineering director – right away!

This is not good.

Been there. Done that. Don’t want to do it again.

So I drop off the call and join the engineering director’s Zoom.

Ah, the HR person is here too. This is not getting any better.

  • “Business is down”.
  • “Financial challenges”.
  • “Not performance related”.
  • “Company wide restructuring.”
  • “Effective immediately.”

S$!t. It is happening again.

On a positive note, WebDevStudios did send me a very nice letter of recommendation, and my engineering manager did offer to go on record and be a reference for me, and he did urge me to re-apply should the financial position of the company turn around. All of those things were a first for me.

WebDevStudios was a very good company to work for. I learned a lot. I felt like I was able to contribute. My opinions were heard. Management responded when given the opportunity. They truly have the whole remote worker thing down. Noone should ever feel left out there – even if we are hundreds or thousands of miles apart.

What to do?

Cap Web Solutions is still going strong. I didn’t move it to the back burner during my 10 months at WDS. I just time shifted my business working hours. It made for long days and limited weekends, but I do love owning my own agency and being my own boss. Back to it full time now.

One thing is for certain though.

I don’t think I’ll ever hear myself saying to my self, “Hey Matt, you got a minute to jump on a Zoom? I need to talk to you about something this morning.”


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    1. Right back at you Michael. I was looking forward to meeting f2f you at WDScamp and talking about your experiences at WDS.

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