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I’ve Moved

New year.

New beginning.

New address.

In an effort to consolidate some of my online activity, I’ve decided to consolidate several personal blogs into a single online presence. I have been periodically blogging at exploringnewopportunities.wordpress.com, mattry.com, and most recently at mattryan.co.

With this year’s emphasis on minimalist behavior I am going to pull all of the content together under mattryan.co. I am abandoning the WordPress.com blog for now and moving to the self-hosted environment to permit me to have complete control over the manner in which I present my content.

Nothing against WordPress.com blogs mind you, it’s just that a self-hosted blog offers me more opportunity to expand my portfolio of work so prospective web development clients have more reason to chose me when looking for someone to create their website. I plan to interweave my posts from my business site, capwebsolutions.com, with the personal site to offer a fuller picture of who I am.

I was really excited when I was able to get my name as the domain. The .co TLD (top level domain) is considered by Google to be a generic TLD, not just reserved for use by the country of Colombia any longer. (Ref Wikipedia here and here). I think it will help me to centralize things and provide a baseline for my online presence. the whole idea about tribes having a known place to congregate.

I invite you to visit me at my new home on the interwebs, leave a comment, introduce yourself, and let me know where I can find you. Let’s connect.

All the best to you in 2016

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