There’s nothing in life worth

Stick With It.

Sometimes its uncanny the way things work out. Call it divine intervention, coincidence, a higher power looking over my shoulder, or whatever, but there’ s something at work out there to help me keep my head in the game.

My wife and I were having a rather heated discussion last evening about the state of my business. Well, let’s be honest, I was doing most of the talking, she was trying to listen and figure out where I was coming from.

The problem is, this s@$t ain’t easy. What s@$t do you mean, Matt? Why, running your own business, of course. Building a platform. Nurturing a start-up. The stuff dreams and hopes are made of.

Call it what you will. I’m just over 10 months into it now and I’m still hearing that very loud sucking noise at the door. You know, the sound of the little remaining cash being sucked through the gaping hole in my financial base.

The uncanny part … podcasts that come along just in time. This morning I’m out on my walk and my “on the go” playlist included Michael Hyatt’s latest inspiration. This weeks episode is called The One Way to Guarantee You Won’t Succeed and I tell you, it hit me right between the eyes. How to stay inspired, stick with it, focus on the why, take small steps, and, it ALWAYS takes longer than you think.

There’s nothing in life worth accomplishing that doesn’t come with resistance.
– Michael Hyatt

Truer words haven’t been spoken, at least to me, this morning.

So what do I do with this? Well, go back to my original planning docs. Look at it hard, revise, rework, reset and get moving back on track to the target. Avoid the distractions. Break things down into smaller bite-sized pieces. I can do this. I want to do this – still. I have a goal and I plan to attain it.

The opportunity is real. The exploration of it has merit and a future. Stick with it.

Onward and upward. Let’s do this.

Photo credit: Joshua Earle

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