July 15 Electric On Site

As I approach the house today I see a number of things going on. First, I saw that the electric meter was installed on the side of the house as I drove up. That is an important step. Now PECO, our electric and gas supplier, knows we exist. Up to this point, they do not know about us, and if they don’t know about us, we can’t get the gas & electric service set up.

It’s also the first step in having the other service providers know we exist. Verizon is not going to be providing service out here, so we will need to go with Comcast’s Xfinity service for our internet. I can only hope that by the time we close on the house and move in they have upgraded the available services to include the gigabyte service. Fingers crossed.

They are also beginning the grading for the sidewalk our front and the final grading for the side yards. The back is still a mess with lots of run-off and the mess running up to the marsh behind us.

Another big step is that the foundation interior support post have been locked in place. The support footer have been parged and the basement floor is now level. Still has water down there.

Enjoy, and if you are so inclined, check out the full set of pics I grabbed today using this link to Amazon Photos.

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