July 23 Stone Front Emerges Slowly

Some nice movement to see today. The mortar is being applied to the front of the house where the stone veneer will be installed.

In addition to the stone prep work, the driveway had been graded and appears to be ready for its asphalt topping.

One thing that worried us though is that the sump pump outlet, which used to stick out of the west side of the basement and drain to the side yard, has been relocated to the rear of the house. This concerns me on a number of levels, including what the long run of PVC looks like in the basement, is the sump outlet going to divot the yard, and lastly, can I still attach a deck to the house since the pipe protrudes through the foundation in just the right spot for a deck ledger board.

Enjoy, and if you are so inclined, check out the full set of pics I grabbed today using this link to Amazon Photos.

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