July 20 Flooring is spreading

Carol and I both were able to visit today, so we needed to grab that obligatory selfie (oh, how I hate that word) in front of our new home.

The front door was open and we could hear things happening inside. We took a peak in the front door and were surprised to see the guys installing the wood laminate flooring! It looks as good as we remember.

We peeked in the windows at the rear and could see the carpet padding in place too.

Not only that, but the front sidewalk and driveway apron were complete. Our home now belonged to the neighborhood. The semi-circle was complete.

Oh, an the bath vanity received a fixture. Progress.

While we were on site, we stopped by the model and snapped a few photos. We needed to see where floor vents were, the location of the remaining kitchen cabinets, and a few other things. It really helped us better visualize how our stuff may fit.

Enjoy, and if you are so inclined, check out the full set of pics I grabbed today using this link to Amazon Photos.

Happy birthday Dad. I love you and miss you very much. He would have loved to talk about the moon landing 50 years ago today.

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