Day 2 of Dan Norris’  The 7 Day Startup: You Don’t Learn Until You Launch has me identifying my minimally viable product, or MVP, that I will be able to offer at launch. I’ve struggled over the last week or so to get the time to nicely assemble this info in a presentable packet so that I could progress on this journey. Turns out that the 7 day startup for me, is, well, more like 7 little projects to startup. Day 1 was almost a week ago. Mike Echlin does it justice in his Day 6 blog post. Check it out here. While you are there check out his whole series. He has a cool idea.

In any case, this morning I had a break through, roughly around 4 am when most of my break through (can ‘break through’ be plural?) occur.

This is me, talking to myself at 4 am today:

Matt, you already have all this stuff. When you started Cap Web Solutions you outlined a page-load of support and maintenance services you offer. Three tiers of support tasks, along with pricing, a way to ask for the service, email address for communication – it’s all there.

Right. I do have it. I’m launching / re-launching with more simplicity this time. Trash the 3 levels of maintenance. Forget the multilevel pricing. Let’s do it simple. Make it easy for customers to understand and buy. The whole elevator pitch concept I am so familiar with these days.

Done. My MVP will be a consolidation of my three maintenance tiers, one price for all, details on what types of maintenance we do, and how to get in touch with us. The name of the service is still in limbo, but will most probably be a take-off of my current branding theme. I’ll set up the live chat feature so customers can contact us that way. I’ll add in some auto-responders and workflow to keep track of requests that come in. Billing is already in place so no worries there. I’ll tweak my current website, actually I’ll do a complete overhaul and get rid of the extraneous stuff. Just focus on the MVP.

The next day/ task/ project will follow quickly. I know it. My break through was awesome this morning. In fact it got me up, and hitting the key board very quickly today. And a few cups of Dunkin’ Donuts Dark Roast didn’t hurt either.

All the best.

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  1. Hey Matt – congrats on seeing the light! It’s not exactly clear what your product/service is based on this post? Who is the ideal customer and what problem are you solving?

    1. Thanks Mike. I’m offering a WordPress website maintenance and support service. My company has offered it as part of a larger catalog of services but its time to niche down and get series about the service as a service business. 23% of the web runs on WordPress and many of those site owners do not want to, or know how to, maintain their sites and take care of the daily details. That’s where I come in to the picture.
      All the best to you as you launch.

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