I am an entrepreneur.

After a brisk walk this morning I headed off to the dentist for a 6 month checkup. My preference is always for early morning dental visits – ‘get it over with’ is my motto when it comes to dental experiences. As I was getting settled in the dental hygienist asks me if I had the day off. “No”, I said, “I have a website development company and I’m able to work from home.” Just like that. No second thought. No stumbling through the ‘in transition’ awkwardness that I never did get very good at when faced with the question before.  I have a website development company and I work for myself! Wow.

That really felt good. I am an entrepreneur. (Note to self. You have to commit the spelling of that word to memory along with its proper pronunciation. Stop using right-click spell check on it.) This week I’m fully immersed in marketing mode. Writing copy for my website, re-working my LinkedIn profile, making networking connections with new mentors, fleshing out the business plan and pulling together the financials.

Tomorrow evening I’m registered for a course sponsored by the Small Business Development Center at Kutztown University. The class, “How to Start and Operate a Small Business” is part of their first steps program to enable me to get access to their business Imagestart-up consulting services. The following night I begin a 4 part workshop on Business Planning. This is sponsored by local SCORE chapter in Chester County, PA. I am energized by the opportunity to learn, to expand my skill set and better prepare myself for a successful venture.

My website is still just a shell, but it is starting to take shape. More copy to be written and added tonight. I’ll link to it soon enough. Thanks for hanging in there with me.

All the best to you.

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