Is it time to commit?

I read a post today from LinkedIn Influencer, Raj De Datta, CEO and Co-Founder at BloomReach. “Entrepreneurs don’t Interview. They Commit.” . At first glance I passed over it as something I didn’t want to get into on a Monday morning; but then something pulled me back to it as I read through some of the other Pulse news from today and this past weekend.

I am now into the second week of my second trip down the unemployed path of life. My wife and I have been reworking the budget, reshaping upcoming plans and trying to put a framework around what has the potential of being another extended period of greatly reduced income. 

Last time, I began putting the pieces together for my business. Business plan, 5 year plan, researching the market, pro-bono clients, all while still looking and interviewing for the right career job. The job offer did come along and I took it with some trepidation. I had to. The hours at the local orange big box home store were taking their toll on both me and my marriage. 

I could go back there – that big box store, I’m confident of it. Or, I could tweak the resume and polish up the job agents and get the search thing working again in earnest. I could put in the time and find that corporate job – along with all the security it offers [sarcasm implied]. 

Or, I could make the commitment this time. College tuition bills have ended; the car is paid off. Is it time to commit to being an entrepreneur? Is that person inside of me confident enough to move forward and commit? Do I truly want to start a company?

I do. 

God, I hope it is not the hi-test coffee in me screaming this morning. 

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