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Branding is Everything. Right?

Pulled the trigger on something new last night. I changed a couple of my social media usernames / account names. Both Twitter and Instagram are now “MattRyan_co”.  Still working on some others.  I am trying to pull everything together under the branding I use for this blog. Branding is everything these days. Right? It still is, isn’t it. We’ll see how it goes.

I even tweeted about it.

In an effort to be more active here, I’m going to expand the scope of the stuff I talk about. Over the last 2 years or so, I’ve done quite a bit of speaking at technical gatherings and I want to catalogue those presentations here. I’ll be including my talks at local WordCamps,  WordPress meetups, and the Philadelphia Area Computer Society (PACS).

I’ll be including my local WordPress meetups, one based in the Philadelphia suburbs, others in Philadelphia, Lancaster, Reading, and the Lehigh Valley. I’ve given presentations at all and enjoy sharing the knowledge I’ve gained with others. No matter how long I’m working with WordPress, I feel that I can always learn more, and then share that knowledge with someone who has been using it just a little less than I have.

This past October (Oct 2017) I spoke at the Baltimore WordCamp,, the first time I’ve ever presented at a WordCamp, about how to setup a WordPress development system on Windows. And then 2 weeks later, I presented a session at Philly WordCamp on how to troubleshoot new WordPress sites. An amazing month. I want to do it again.

If it is new to you, WordCamps are where the best WordPress learning and connections happen. WordCamps are 1 or 2 day technical conferences with numerous sessions, sponsors, swag and lots of time to network with other WordPress’ers. I’ve attended WordCamps in Philadelphia(5x), Baltimore(3x), Lancaster(3x), Lehigh Valley(2x), and Scranton PA.

I am an active participant in the Philadelphia Area Computer Society, currently serving as a Director and leading the Web Design SIG. I have delivered presentations on social media and WordPress at their respective SIGs too.

I am a proud participant in the GoDaddy Pro Connect program and love helping GoDaddy customers with their WordPress websites.

So there is a lot of material to work from and more being created as I move forward.

Stay tuned, and follow me. I’d appreciate it.

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