Blogging 101: Be a Good Neighbor

Today’s goal is to work on being more engaging with the community I am writing to. It’s one thing to write to the interweb, It is quite another to interact with the community. One of the most unexpected outcomes of this exercise is being made aware of all the good writing and story telling that is going on out there. Not to say that some of it couldn’t use a little help here and there, but for the most part, people who are taking the time to try and improve the quality of their blogging really do have a knack for the written word. As I have looked at the blogs of others, I am finding truly engaging blogging in the most unexpected subject matters and geographical locations, in a variety of styles.

Over the past week I have looked at many blogs, some brand new and evolving, some established with a following, some that are just coming back to life after a hiatus. I have left a couple of comments here and there, even added my own updates to the Blogging 101 assignment page. Let’s take that one step further an engage. A well thought out comment, an interaction with a stranger via one of their most personal outlets, putting myself out there. Possible rejection. Possible acceptance. Potential rewards.

home depot's "let's do this" bucketOkay, so let’s do this.

One of my fav food blogger sites is Minimalist Baker. Your first visit will hook you if you’re into food in any way. The layout, the photos, the way they engage with their community. and better yet, their blog is built using the Genesis framework for WordPress. That is near and dear to my heart as I am concentrating my WordPress development on this framework. It good to be inspired by professionals who care.

I found Grove Hill Coaching today while browsing the Blogging 101 links. Actually I got to that site through another one of Jason’s blogs – CORTADO INGLES. What initially pulled me in was the reference to coffee, and Sunday morning cafes, and espresso. As an admitted coffee freak I am uncontrollably drawn in that direction, so when I saw the link, well, need I say more.

In a totally different direction I came across the Metamorphosis of a Wallflower. Not typically what I am drawn to, but Valentine’s Owner is developing a unique style and anyone who can move forward on a topic of procrastination deserves at least a little listen. Right?

Hmmm. That’s it. Well outside of my comfort zone today. Perhaps this, too, is a new opportunity for me. A way to engage not only with other blogs, but new potential markets for my business. And learn. Always learning. You can teach an old dog…

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  1. Beautiful post today! Love the whole feel of your blog. You had me at interweb. I agree that the 55+ community has a lot to offer. (Speaking as a member of such said community, of course.) This community of bloggers sure is an interesting venture. Thanks for your contribution. Carol

  2. Thanks for the mention Matt. The inter web is wonderful but like you, after initial concerns, I’m finding the ‘community’ to be an incredibly friendly and supportive place.

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