And Along Comes Something New

Something New and Different

Something new? Really? Yes, I have done something like this before, but this will be new and different, at leat I think it will. A combination of personal journey, technology, lifestyle simplification and entrepreneurial exploration.

I’m going to put them together, so that I don’t spread myself across too many different platforms. I will continue to add information to my business blog at That will focus on the business portfolio and the occasional ‘how-to’ for something that I’ve worked my way through successfully. Some of that may spill over onto this space. I’ll have to see how it plays out.

Write It Down

My goal, now out here, is to add something new a few times a week.

I have tried this before, the blogging goal thing, but without writing it down. My head-space mentor, Michael Hyatt, tells me that if the goal doesn’t get written down, it substantially reduces it’s chances of being realized. Check out his podcast. It is well worth your time.


I want to explore the opportunities that come along, share those experiences, and hopefully find some like minded souls to walk with me. Along the way I’ll be share to share bits a pieces of myself, as appropriate. After all, if you don’t know who I am why would you even be interested in reading what I have to say.

Regular Blogging

Blogging isn’t only about originality of content; a good deal can be learned from reading someone else’s interpretation or reaction to a piece. You’ll find that here too. I will always add attribution to the original author. It’s only fair.


I did it. I finally grabbed a domain with my whole name. How ’bout that. A dot co, as in, well, a shortened dot com. It’s real. You WILL be seeing more and more of these in the interwebs. Pay attention. Get in touch with me if you’d like to get one for you. I can help.

With that, let’s do this.¬†Let's Do This

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