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As I expand our WordPress business I  come across various resources and tools that are quite worthwhile. Some may be primarily useful to me as a WordPress administration & maintenance service provider, some as a WordPress developer, some as a remote worker, and some as an online business owner. Everything that I recommend in this category I have used, or I am currently using, in the business operations. Take a look and see if they would work in your situation.

Please note: Most of the links in the blog posts under the “Resources” and “Tools” categories are what is referred to as an affiliate link. If you choose to purchase or use the product or service through that link, I will get a small referral fee from the service or product provider. The price of the resource is the same whether or not you use my affiliate link.  This disclaimer will also appear at the bottom of every post that uses an affiliate link. 

So here goes. Follow these blog entries using the Resources & Tools selector in the sidebar.

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