June 8 A Day For Exploring

It’s late in the afternoon on Saturday. Carol and I spent the morning hauling a ton, well, to be precise, 490 lbs, of household excess and leftover stuff, to the LanChester Landfill. Carol’s first experience with the dump. We both found it somewhat cathartic throwing old stuff into the big bins. So much of the stuff we tossed was actually inherited when we bought This Old House back in 2007. I vowed NOT to move it into our new house.

We had to grab a quick selfie in front of our blossoming home.

Our home has a door!

It was time to explore the framed out rooms in our home. We wandered through the entire place, grabbing pics along the way. I even grabbed some photos of the building plans that were lying in the garage. The electrical and plumbing schedules are sure to come in handy at some point.

We did find one disturbing thing. The basement had about 2″ of water in it! Our guess is that this was from the heavy rains we had earlier that week – before the roofing was installed. Hopefully the next time we visit there will be a pump running.

Here is the link to the rest of today’s story.

Thanks for reading along.

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