Moving forward

It’s a bright Thursday morning. Already have a 3 mile walk completed with my wife. I’ve had Verizon come in and add internet service to our house and remove the service that the company paid. Re-configuring the network in the house is almost complete. 

Networking is in full gear. I have reached out to a recruiter friend, Frank, that I used to work with back in the late 90’s. We will get together next week. My friend Roy, who I’ve known for 18+ years (in fact he’s the one who got me the job that moved my family and I up here in the mid 90’s), is a wealth of information. He turned me on to a local employment-challenged networking/support group – Joseph’s People. I hope to make their next meeting. I’ve also connected up with a local career coach offering a free first consultation. I’ve never used a career coach – now sounds like the perfect time. Time will tell. 

Still very angry about the way I was dismissed. You think that after almost 9 years on the job there would be some consideration – not just a generic dismissal via a no-eye-contact visit combined with a form letter probably used a half-dozen times before. CEO did say he would write me a letter of recommendation, as did my immediate supervisor. I won’t check either of these things off the list until I actually have the document in my hand. 

Position eliminated, sales are down. So you get rid of your entire sales and distribution team? Really? Still hard to package in an acceptable way. All the performance reviews were good. No “sales are way down” talk during department meetings – mostly “rah, rah” type of cheer leading. 

Immediate family starting to feel anxious. Eldest son pushed a load of job sites my way in an email last night – I was impressed, and pleased, but worried. He’s still got two years left in college – he needs to focus on the classes to graduate and get a good job – to support his ol’ man 😉

Still very new to this blogging / journaling stuff. My wife thinks that writing helps me deal with the anger. Too early to say yet. 

Today’s big task is self-evaluation and skill identification. And more coffee. 

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