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Simple URLs Legacy WordPress Plugin Released

Simple URLS Legacy is live. This has been an awesome experience. I have a plugin in the WordPress repo.

As a backend engineer at WebDevStudios I have been given the opportunity to contribute to the future of the WordPresss open source project by participating in the Five for the Future initiative. WebDevStudios contributes to the #5FTF project by enabling its employees, ALL it’s employees, to work on a #5ftf project on the last working day of the month.

Over the past three months, I have been working on a fork of a plugin I have been using for quite some time on WordPress websites I have developed for myself and others. About a year ago, the plugin Simple URLs was adopted by another developer and the plugin was redirected into more commercial directions.

I preferred the simplicity of the original plugin as intended by its developer, Nathan Rice. I followed the online discussions in the Genesis Facebook group about the plugin and decided that I wanted to do something about it. I decided to fork the original plugin ( to ‘fork’ is to make a copy ) at the point when it was adopted by the new developer. That was at v 0.9.9. I wanted to go back to this older, or legacy version of the plugin.

And so it was, Simple URLs Legacy was born.

Today, my dream of having a plugin in the WordPress repository has finally come true. You can install the plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard by searching for simple urls legacy, or download it from wordpress.org/plugins/simple-urls-legacy.

Simple URLs Legacy plugin displayed in WordPress dashboard

Thank you @webdevstudios for sponsoring this activity and enabling me to feel such a strong sense of technical community with all other developers who fully embrace the WordPress ecosystem.

If you try out ‘SURLEG’ and have ideas or feedback, please let me know. And don’t forget to leave a review.

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