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This Old House For Sale

We’re doing a thing! This Old House is for sale. Yep! We pulled the trigger, made the leap, ripped off the band-aid. Insert favorite cliche here.

front view of this old house with for sale sign

We are leaving small town heaven and heading west. No, not that west, only about 10 miles. But still, we are leaving the Borough of Downingtown, the place we have called home for the last 19 years. Our sons have grown into the fine men they are today courtesy of this town and its wonderful schools and community.

We’ve been able to walk to St. James’ Episcopal church for all those years. Now we’ll have to commute to church on Sunday. Now THAT will be different.

Carol and I have grown very fond of walking a 2.25 miles loop every weekday morning for more than 2 years. We wind our way down Pennsylvania Ave, up Wallace and cut through behind the new Downingtown Library. We wander through Kerr park past the new disc golf course, back across (or under depending on how high the Brandywine is) Pennsylvania Ave up past the Log Cabin to Business 30. We follow that all the way to Rt 113, passing our church, ‘This Old House’, and the boys elementary school – East Ward. We turn north on 113 back to Pennsylvania Ave and follow that back to Dustin Drive where we cut through the St. James’ Place parking lot, waving hello to a number of friends we know by sight there, behind the church and back to ‘This Old House’.

I’ll miss that.

But it’s time. Time for downsizing, minimizing clutter, cutting out stressful distractions, focusing on what is really important. Time to GET RID OF THE LAWNMOWER and SNOWBLOWER!! Can you spell HOA?

It seems we are going to have a grand baby later this year, our first. Carol and I, or should I say, Nana and PopPop, couldn’t be happier for son Taylor and his new wife Abby.

And the good news keeps coming. Our second son, Connor, has proposed to Carley, and she said ‘yes’. A wedding next year will be nice.

So there’s so much more that we want to spend our time on. While This Old House has been a wonderful home for these last years, it’s time to move on.

Goodbye old friend.

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